Thursday, September 14, 2006

DailyKos:No Class at Death of Ann Richards

Found this diary entry regarding the upcoming funeral for former Democratic Governor of Texas, Ann Richards. I was never a fan of Ann Richards, I disagreed with almost every policy of her's, and I group her political style in with people like Ted Kennedy and Nancy Palosi. But I do beleive that she deserves respect and dignity at the time of her passing.

But here's what GarySeven over at DailyKos wants to do:

"But - a death in the progressive family means it's time for a funeral. And not just any funeral, but a good ol' rip-roaring, revival-meeting, foot-stomping funeral; the kind that makes the conservatives so crazy; the kind that makes them sniff their noses and say things like "undignified" and gives us a chance to bash them and praise us."
Only the so-called "progressives" would hide behind the death of someone to make a series of political statements for the cameras.

"Undiginified", you're damn right it is!

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