Monday, April 16, 2007

Been Absent

Hey folks! Ed here. Been absent for, well for quite a while. Been busy with getting ready for the wonderful world of law school. God willing, I'll be on my way to law school either this fall or the following spring. Got my LSAT scores back not too long ago, and I'm in great shape!

My co-blogger on this site has been even more busy than I. And he asked me to post on his behalf today. As many of our friends and regular readers know, Johnny has been prepping himself to serve in the United States Army. This morning, around 5 am Texas time, he reported for Basic Training. By now, he's traded in his civilian clothes and hair cut for BDU's and tags. He has now join the ranks of countless men and women who signed up for their families and for their country.

I ask that you remember Johnny and his family in your prayers.

I'll be keeping everyone up to date on his status as he goes through Basic.