Thursday, September 14, 2006

Netroots: The Civil War in the DNC

Found another good diary post over at DailyKos (they're on a roll with stupidity today). It demonstrates how there is a civil war in the Democratic party. ABBinMI received an election email from former President Bill Clinton who was trying to motivate the Democratic party to get out and vote (strangely no "vote early, vote often" lines though). Here's ABBinMI's response:

"We see the consequences of inaction every day. Inaction by the Democrats in the Senate and in the House. Afraid to oppose the policies of George W. Bush. If they would fillibuster something, anything, it would send a message to the people that Democrats actually stand for something. I'm tired of being told to take action when the very people in a position to take action -- the people we ELECTED to take action -- are too timid and afraid to do so.

With all due respect...I'll take action when they do." - DailyKos diary entry
This shows pretty well the civil war going on in the Democratic party I think. You have the extreme left wing as represented by the likes of DailyKos, and the Netroots crowd. And then you have the DNC establishment represented by people like Clinton. Here's a breakdown of how both sides differ:
Establishment: Think about the long term implications of actions taken today on the Democratic party. Try to appeal to the moderats of the country (something Clinton was known for).
Netroots: Stop the GOP, fight the GOP, even if it means stopping the government cold to do it.

What are the end results of this civil war? Alienation of the American people and the destruction of the Democratic party as it has been under the Clinton Adminstration.

Poor bastards. Heehee.

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