Thursday, September 14, 2006

NBC Poll: Possible Good News for GOP

NBC News and the Wallstreet Journal conducted a poll that shows general improvements for the White House's approval ratings and for the GOP's chances in November making the moonbats bark louder.

First, there is a two point increase (to 42%) over July's poll in President Bush's approval rating. Also there is a three point increase in approval of his handling of Iraq (to 38%). These numbers are not huge rebounds and won't win elections for the GOP, but it goes against what the moonbats keep on saying that the Americans are growing more and more dissatisfied with the President and the war in Iraq. In fact the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average has seen a steady incline from lows in the lower 30's a few months ago to 42% today.

But here's the part that is really going to make the moonbats sweat. When asked what their chief concern of both parties were here were their answers:
Democrats Have No Plans - 42%
Republicans Offers No Changes - 37%
Some of Both - 15%

This shows one thing in particular. The Democrats are not making any headway on convincing the American people that they have a plan for solving the problems facing the country. All their talk of a "Real Security" agenda and getting rid of the "Culture of Corruption" hasn't gained them anything. In short they are doing the exact same thing they did two years ago. "Anything you can do, we can do it better". And when asked how, their response is "I dunno".

This is where the focus needs to continue to be. The Democrats have no solutions, only criticisms and threats of impeachment and investigation.

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