Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Myth of Chavez

Douglas Montero of the New York Post wrote a great article on the slums of Chavez's Venezuela. It is an excellent article that shows the low employment rate, rampant crime, and a general humanitarian crisis. People in this country (particularly on the left) need to wake up to the reality that Chavez is nothing more than a military dictator who is great at wooing the crowd of self appointed intellectuals at the United Nations and various left leaning universities.

"It'd be a better use of his time than trips abroad and to New York, where Chavez created an uproar last month by denouncing President Bush as 'sick,' an 'alcoholic' and the 'devil.'" - New York Post Article
And in the mean time Chavez is complaining about the falling price of oil. This is the person people should be looking to that is motivated by nothing but oil and power.