Monday, October 02, 2006

Dems Only See Political Gain in Foley scandal

The scandal involving former Congressman scandal and several Congressional pages is an absolutely despicable situation. No mercy should ever be shown for any individual that takes part in any situation like this.

However, the left wing of the blogosphere seems to not care about the criminal aspects of this situation. The only thing they see are gained seats in the House of Representatives. Below are some headlines from popular liberal sites as well as some comments provided by their readers.

Democratic Underground:
"Eleven GOPers Fingered in Foley Cover-Up" - comment by "chimpsrsmarter": "well hey we only need 4 more and will definitely get the house back!"

"Holy Freaking Crap" - comment by "ablington": "We will retake the House from the vacancies these child molesters will leave behind when they resign in shame."

comment by "sterno": "More evidence about why the 50 state strategy was a good one :)"

This is solid proof that the only thing the liberals care about are the elections and winning a majority. I just finished reading through a few hundred comments from those articles and others and not one said anything about the disgusting nature of this crime. Overall the summary of the comments are along the lines of "those republicans are a bunch of sick hypocrites that need to be taken out of office."

My prediction on this one is that a connection will be drawn by the Moonbats to the White House in time for the Wednesday evening news. And I'm going to go one step further in my prediction, it will involve Karl Rove and/or Dick Cheney.