Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry: Military Filled with Educational Slackers

John Kerry, first loser of the 2004 Presidential Election and Vietnam War Veteran (who threw away his medals), made some interesting comments to Pasadena City College students at a campaign event for Angelides (challenger for California Governor).

He basically says that if you don't study hard and really put a lot into your education you'll get stuck in Iraq. Here's the video:

Yeah, this guy loves the troops. He thinks they're a bunch of ignorant boobs that couldn't cut it in the classroom. I know countless men and women in the military, many of which either are serving in Iraq or have served in Iraq. And if there is one thing I can say about every last one of them its this, they are among the brightest most capable people I've ever met. And I would put them up against any Harvard or Yale graduate for a true test of intelligence. Take an academic out of the classroom, and you've got a fish out of water. Put a soldier in a classroom and you just give him another challenge to take on.

Kerry, you lost, you aren't relevant anymore, go home and live off your wife's income again.