Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John F. Kerry: The October Surprise

After repeated calls from all over the place for Kerry to appologize for his statements in which he said students had best work to be educated or they'll be sent to Iraq (basically saying that anyone in uniform is an uneducated idiot that couldn't cut it in the classroom), Kerry decided to come out swinging at President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, and other well known characters of the political right.

Here's the problem for the Democratic party now. They have been working hard all year long to convince the voters who are generally in the middle politically to vote for them. Especially after suffering such a horrible defeat in 2004 in a campaign that the Democrats made about the war in Iraq. The Dem's would rather the voters forget about the far leftist ideology they ran on two years ago. Well Kerry just stood up and reminded everybody in the country why we voted Republican in 2004. We don't want flipfloppers like Kerry who "voted for the war before they voted against it". We don't want people who view the soldiers in uniform as uneducated idiots. We want people who stand up for this country, not call our soldiers war criminals (just as Kerry did during the Vietnam War, and Murtha during this war).

Honest criticism of domestic and foreign policy is one thing, but what Kerry said was a slap in the face of every man and woman in uniform. But we shouldn't be surprised at this. This was the man who threw the medals he was awarded in Vietnam away. This was the man testified against his fellow soldiers calling them war criminals. This was the man who thinks that American interests should be governed by a "global test". This was the man who chose to vote for armor for our troops in Iraq, and then chose to vote against it to gain the anti-war vote in the Democratic party.