Thursday, September 07, 2006

An inconvenient Truth: Bill Clinton Messed Up

The Democrats are going nuts about the upcoming ABC movie "The Path to 9/11". Why are they so upset? Because the "docu-drama" includes scenes in which Clinton Administration officials passed up chances to take out Osama Bin Laden.

Go take a look at the all holy 9/11 Commission that is a favorite of the Democratic party to cite. When you look at the entire history, you will see that the Clinton Administration did in fact pass up three chances to take out Osama Bin Laden.

Now the Moonbats are claiming that their objection is that the movie shows Sandy Burger and Madeline Albright specifically passing up some of those chances. This was a poetic license on ABC's part. But you know what? It was still Clinton Administration officials that passed up these three chances.

  • Three chances to kill Osama Bin Laden
  • Three chances to prevent the bombing of the USS Cole
  • Three chances to prevent September 11th
This so upsets the Moonbats because it hurts the so called legacy of Saint Bill. And it makes it difficult for the Moonbats to put all the blame of September 11th on President Bush. It also blows out of the water the various 9/11 conspiracies that believe that the attack was an inside job by the Bush Administration.

So, here is your Inconvenient Truth. Bill Clinton was more concerned about the economy and his public approval ratings than he was about the security of the United States. And now he continues to worry about his own legacy rather than the truth.

Get over it Moonbats. Clinton made bad decisions while he was in office just like every president before him, and every president that will come after him. And you know what? The way he dealt with Osama didn't do anything to stop September 11th. At least Bush has impaired him to the point that the only thing he can do is make video tapes and attempt to attack us.

Take a look at these stats:
Clinton Adminstration
  • First attack on the World Trade Center - response were criminal proceedings
  • US Embassies in Africa bombed - response, nothing
  • USS Cole - response, nothing
  • "Black Hawk Down" - response, pull out
Bush Adminstration
  • September 11th - response, War on Terrorism
Bill Clinton'ss legacy will not be Peace in the Middle East. It won't be the economy. Bill Clinton's legacy will forever be Monica Lewinsky.

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