Saturday, September 09, 2006

BREAKING:ABC Hires Green Helmet Guy For 9/11 Edits

High ranking sources at ABC are telling the SMC that in response to pressure from former Clinton Adminstration officials, ABC has decided to hire the well known Lebanese director "Green Helmet Guy" to perform the remaining 11th hour edits as requested by the officials.

When asked if ABC was pressured by the former spin doctors to use Green Helmet Guy, the source said, "it depends on what the meaning of the word 'was' is".

"'Green Helmet Guy' is well known for his ability to direct video in high pressure situations with hard deadlines. We felt that he is ideal for make the necessary edits to scenes involving former National Security Advisor Sandy Burger, for example. In fact right now he is hard at working using Photoshop to put Karl Rove in place of Burger." - Unnamed ABC Source
This sets an interesting precedent by bringing in the Green Helmet Guy, and raises interesting questions about what is coming out of the ABC cutting room.

Disclaimer: This is a completely fake report. So please, don't anybody sue me.

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