Thursday, August 31, 2006

Miss England: Expert On The Real World

The new Miss England, who is the first Muslim to be crowned with the title, seems to consider herself an authority on international issues. Here's what she said about the relations between moderate British Muslims and the British Government.
"Tony Blair addressed Muslims in particular, telling them that they need to sort out the problem within. That was a huge stereotype of the Islamic community. Even the more moderate Muslims have been stereotyped negatively and feel they have to take actions to prove themselves." - article

Oh no! You mean in a time of war people have to actually do something?! How horrible is that?

She also claims that such stereotyping creates terrorist acts. Here's the thing with stereotypes. Individuals have the right to make their own decisions. These decisions can be made with or without stereotypes. These stereotypes have no control over an individual's decisions. The individual only has control of their own decisions. It's called free will. And when someone chooses to pick up a bomb, a gun, or a box cutter and try to kill someone they are making that decision on their own. And it is therefore their own damn fault.

Go back to your pageant world. Leave foreign policy to the grownups.

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