Sunday, December 03, 2006

Inconvenient Truth #213

I appologize folks for taking such a long vacation from posting, but I want to give ya'll a bit of an update. As Johnny said, I've been working long hours on finishing up a major contract for my company. But, now I'm back and my schedule is settling back down (somewhat) and I'm going to be able to post much more.

So I decided to come out swinging and yelling at the liberals. Inconvenient truth #213, the liberals are still loosing! They lost the election, are they are loosing ground up on the Hill. Take a look at this folks:

  1. The only thing the Dems could do to win the majority in the House and Senate was to move to the middle and emphasize more conservative ideas while keeping their liberal views (free abortion, increased taxes, extreme business regulation, etc.) on the back burner.
  2. The moonbat/netroots/anti-war golden boy, Ned Lamont, LOST against Lieberman!
  3. Nancy Palosi's endorsment of anti-war John Murtha for House Majority Leader failed miserably. Right out of the gate, the liberal Palosi couldn't lead crap.
  4. Palosi's first pick for the House Intel committee failed. And who knows how this new one will turn out.
Now, I'm not saying the Republicans won here. In fact my view is that the Republicans tried too much to look like liberals and got too greedy on their power as the majority. But the liberal, anti-war, moonbats have nothing to celebrate here.

So, to the liberals out there reading our blog, kiss my pro business, red state ass. I'm back.