Sunday, November 12, 2006

Next Time Around

Well kiddies, we lost. Actually we got bent over and had very un-Biblical things done to us, but that is neither here nor there. Rather than cry about it, we can look at why we lost, adapt, and overcome. Here is what your old pal Johnny thinks we ought to do:

1. Cut the compassionate conservative crap. There, I said it. This whole thing has been idiotic from the get go. True conservatism IS compassionate, because it expects people to look out for one another, and not wait for the government to act. We are not helping people by letting the incompetents employed by the state look after them. The state screw up almost every thing they touch, so why entrust them with the care of the indigent and elderly. Take care of people you know, and extend a hand to those you don't. If we all work together as people, without letting the government do it, I believe we can better the world around us.

2. Re-embrace the ideals of Reagan. Small government, low taxes, strong military, aggressive foreign policy, laissez-faire economics. What's not to like?

3. Secure the border! Okay, so we are not in power and cannot do this, but we can agitate for it. If we do not secure our borders, there will be another 9/11, only worse.

4. Stay in Iraq until the job is done. Same situation and reasoning as above. Keep taking the war to the Islamo-fascist scum.

That is all I got for now, but rest assured, Johnny will be back.