Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006: Election Day +1

Ok, I got a few hours of sleep after last night, and then I woke up and saw that it was down to two races (Virginia and Montana).

Virginia is extremely close (less than 1% between Allen and Webb). They will be doing a recount according to state law. Right now Allen is behind, let's hope that the recount puts him ahead (it has happened before).

Montana is still out because they haven't counted all the votes yet. Apparently there was some storm that has cut off alot of districts from the counting location. The good news on that is that the Republican only needs 1700 votes to win and the areas that haven't been counted yet I beleive are rural (withch traditionaly favor Republicans).

The good news over all for the Senate (yes there is some) is that the Democrats absolutely must win both of those seats to take control.