Sunday, September 03, 2006

Time To Pick a Fight: Election Season Kicks into Full Gear

Most people have a favorite sport that they look forward to every year. Right now we have the football season starting. The real diehards of this group buy the NFL packages from their satellite or cable companies and read every statistic there is on their favorite teams and their rivals.

While I do enjoy a good football game, my sport is politics. I watch all the Sunday morning political shows all year long, study every statistic and poll there is, and when it gets down to the game every other November I try to schedule everything around the results as they come in from across the country.

We are now entering into the official start of the election season for 2006. And this promises to be the most exciting and heated competition on record. If you ask 50 political scientists which way they think the election is going to go you truly will get 50 different opinions.

  • In the past when an economy is doing well, the incumbents will generally win. But while the bulk of the key economic indicators are saying the economy is strong, we have gas and oil prices at record levels.
  • In the past the party that controls the White House generally doesn't control the two houses of Congress. But Republicans have managed to maintain their majority when all the experts said it was impossible.
  • The Republican party is considered by many to be vulnerable due to the War in Iraq and the Bush Administration's response to the 2005 hurricane season. But the Democrats are divided between the Netroots candidates (Lamont) and the traditional Democrats (Lieberman and Clinton).
It's going to be an interesting nine weeks to say the least. It's going to be an election season unlike any that have come before. And it is going to be made so primarily by the Netroots barking moonbats and the responses to their actions.

The best preview of this season is what we saw in the Liebermon/Lamont primary in Connecticut. It is going to get bloody, people are going to be saying and doing things (on both sides) that are completely unexpected and in some cases completely appalling (such as Lieberman photoshoped in blackface).

To the Republicans, be ready for a fight. Because its coming to you.
To the traditional Democrats, if you don't act soon and regain focus you will loose your party.
To the Netroots barking moonbats, I quote Shakespeare. "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."


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