Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cheese Eatin' Surrender Monkeys

I would like to say I am surprised by the cowardice of Chirac and his ilk, but I am not. France has already surrendered to defeat by Iran, and probably by anyone who says "Boo!" to them. The liberals in the West have the same stupid mentality. "We need to talk to them and understand them!!!!!" Horseshit. I understand these ravening maniacs just fine. They want to conquer, kill and enslave all they see. They want the entire world to bow to Sharia and embrace their beliefs. They will not negotiate.

It is time we start treating France as what it is: and enemy of the United States. For years they have done everything they could to stop our agenda. They sell weapons to our enemies, even in spite of UN bans on arms sales to those parties. They undercut us at the Security Council. They lie to us, feigning support, then stab us in the back. I have no problem with a country looking out for its own interests, but don't lie about it. The French caved to the Nazis, and now they are caving to the ideological heirs of Nazism. France is no friend of ours.