Friday, September 01, 2006


I think this image says it all. Two years ago today, ISLAMIC TERRORISTS took as hostages the children and adults at Beslan School #1. Three day slater, 186 children and 155 adults died after two explosions rocked the school, and Russian troops attempted to storm the building. Some Russian lawmakers have called into question whether or not many of deaths were caused by the Russian response to the terrorists, and those claims may have some validity.

But the blame still lies firmly with those cowards who hid behind women and children. The Chechen "rebels" are terrorists. They are ISLAMIC terrorists. I am tired of the MSM not indentifying them as such. They are cowardly scum who revel in the deaths and suffering of "kafirs". The time for half measures and talk is over. It is time for all who care about freedom and life to stand against these monsters.

Islam has always been spread by violence. It began with Mohammed, was carried on by the Caliphs of Baghdad, the Moors and the Turks. Pagans were given the choice of conversion or death, while Jews and Christians were forced to live in dhimmitude. From Constantinople to Vienna, from Alexandria to Corduba, they conquered and enslaved. If you want to know the fate of Christians in some of these areas, look up the history of the Janissaries.

It is time the world drew a line in the sand. This has gone far enough, it will go no farther. This is not a clash of cultures. It is a clash of freedom against slavery, of life against death, of good against evil. Islamofacism is evil. It is a cancer that is killing the Middle East, and will kill the world unless it is excised. I do believe there are moderate Muslims out there, but unless and until they truly make a meaningful stand against the fanaticism of the Islamofascists, they are no better than enablers for these scum.

It is time for the free peoples of the world to unite against these cowardly thugs. It is time to put aside our petty squabbles and stand, shoulder to shoulder, against the rising tide of fanaticism and death.