Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 Movie is a Mind Control Device

The moonbats are in overdrive and are going through tin foil faster than ever. This DailyKos diary post is claiming the GOP has put in subliminal messages in the upcoming "Path to 9/11" movie.

The premise is that whenever the movie "tells a lie" (aka: an inconvenient truth about the Clinton Administration) the viewer is bombarded with certain audio frequencies and slit second flashes of light intended to make the viewer uncomfortable. This discomfort, according to the conspiracy theorist, makes it where the viewer will just take whatever information is given to them without questioning, thus moving "left leaning folks move towards the middle, if not all the way to the right".

Here are the precautions that the author recommends:

"If you do watch the movie, make sure you turn down the brightness on your TV and make sure the room you are watching in is as bright as possible. Or watch with sunglasses with a high UV rating. And if you switched to HDTV, lug out your old set if you still have it. Also, turning off surround mode is effective, but the audio frequencies are still broadcast in the main soundtrack. The best thing to do is turn surround on (so all of the frequencies are piped to the surround channel and don't come through the regular speakers) and unplug your surround speakers. If you still have a mono TV, then the audio frequencies probably won't affect you."
Can you say Barking Moonbat? I mean, wow! That's just phenominal.

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