Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hurricane Watch:WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

OH MY GOD!!! Hurricane Ernesto is coming!!! It's going to happen again just like it did one year ago in New Orleans!!! They're saying it could become a category 4 hurricane before it makes landfall! And look at that! It's taking even taking aim at New Orleans again! Those poor bastards. Why does Bush keep sending those hurricanes at those poor people all the time?!

Hold on. I'm getting word here. We have a new track, it seem Ernesto is shifting its projected track Eastward. It's going to to hit Florida!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!! Why does Bush have to keep on doing this to that poor state?! Oh how horrible!!! It's going to be a massive category 3!!! Oh those poor Democrats down there. First Bush takes away their votes in 2000, and now he sends hurricane after hurricane at them. Why doesn't somebody stop him?!

Oh wait. I'm getting an update here from NOAA. Hurricane Ernesto has now been downgraded to Tropical Storm Ernesto. But there's going to be an amazing 8 inches of rain! OH MY GOD!!! So much rain!!! It's going to be Katrina all over again. That horrible Bush. He keeps on doing this. And all that wind too! It's going to be hurricane strength wind at 75 MPH.

Well folks, I'm getting another update on Ernesto Watch 2006. Ok, apparently the winds are only going to be around 40 mph. Oh and, um...there's only going to be 2 inches of rain in most areas. But now we must ask the important question. How did Bush cause this?

Ladies and gentleman, this has been another presentation of "Inside the Head of a Moonbat Lefty".

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